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Cosmetic Dental Care at 81st Street Dental of Tulsa

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you and can leave a significant impact based on the health and appearance of your teeth. At 81st Street Dental of Tulsa, we provide comprehensive options to improve the appearance of patients’ smiles, allowing them to affect complete dental health and youthful radiance.

We work to understand patients’ personal aesthetic goals and to create personalized treatment plans to achieve their ideal smiles. If you are looking to enhance the health and appearance of your smile with cosmetic dentistry and BOTOX®, contact Dr. Kathryn Beller today.

Tooth-Colored Restorations

Decay and physical trauma have a negative effect on the stability and balance of the bite and can inhibit the smile’s natural appeal. 81st Street Dental uses composite resin and dental porcelain to restore dental health and support regular oral function, while helping to maintain patients’ confidence in their smiles. The tooth-colored restorations we provide include:

-          Composite Fillings

-          Composite Bonding

-          Porcelain Veneers

-          Porcelain Crowns

-          Fixed Porcelain Bridges

-          Implant Restorations

-          Full and Partial Dentures

Cosmetic Enhancement Services

Patients who have otherwise healthy teeth but are looking to improve overall dental aesthetic benefit from topical whitening treatments and porcelain veneers. Dr. Beller offers both in-office and take home bleaching options through Opalescence®. This whitening gel comes in varying concentrations, allowing patients to adjust their treatment based on their personal goals for ideal teeth shade.

For patients with uneven spaces between their teeth, or with discoloration that cannot be corrected through whitening gel, veneers create seamless, attractive smiles. These thin, durable shells are resistant to staining, can be matched to the shade of the neighboring teeth, and can be applied to one or multiple teeth to enhance your appearance.

Dysport® and Dermal Fillers in Tulsa

In addition to enhancing the appearance of patients’ teeth, Dr. Beller relieves frown lines and wrinkles that are apparent when smiling. Dysport is much like BOTOX and is a non-surgical facial enhancement that can eliminate signs of aging, creating a youthful facial aesthetic to complement your newly bright and healthy teeth.

We also offer Restylane® Silk, Refyne, and Defyne dermal fillers to plump and shape patients’ lips. Dr. Beller works with you to understand your ideal lip shape, and uses dermal fillers to help you achieve an aesthetic that matches your restored smile.

Enhance Your Smile Aesthetic Today

Whether you are interested in natural looking restorations for teeth that have experienced damage, or hope to combine whitening and dermal fillers to create a wholly beautiful smile, contact 81st Street Dental of Tulsa today to schedule an appointment. We provide comprehensive cosmetic treatment tailored to patients’ personal needs and goals.


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.