The day I walked into Dr. Beller’s office for my very first consultation was perhaps one of the best days of my life. My daughters recommended her and several of my family members were already seeing her for all their dental needs, so I had a good feeling going in. I already knew she was pleasant, professional and experienced. She listened to me as I told her of my personal dental history and trauma. She explained everything that could be done, gave me a detailed dental plan and she went to work on me. One year later, I have the smile I’ve dreamed of all my life. She made it all possible for me, the Invisalign, the crowns and the whitening, all of it together gave me the smile I am so proud of. She and her staff are friendly and caring. They always greet me with their own beautiful smiles and after every appointment, I leave the office with a happy heart.
If you have any kind of dental need, I highly recommend Dr. Beller. She is the best dentist and I will be forever grateful to her for everything she’s done for me.